Joining the Civilization, or maybe it is not

OK, I tried, I went to some book stores, and did not find something that may interest me. All those Windoze books and so. So .. yesterday .. I got a TV :) I could not resist… I got it, hooked it up with the digital receiver, and I am back to world.

The most important thing about the satellite for me is to wake up every morning at 8, and watch the news at Al-Jazeera. This help me not be left in the darkness regarding world events. I did that this morning, and I enjoyed it, although there is nothing in the news that can bring joy you know.

Yesterday was my first say in the fitness center (although I subscribed 5 days ago) .. in brief, I discovered that what I need is not just some weight control, but being able to work on one of those machines for more than 15 minutes. Either it is a walk, cycle, jogging, or what ever, the max I can last is 15 minutes.. after few minutes rest I can return and give it another 10 minutes, but I need to work on my fitness.

In case you do not know already, I started developing a not so nice habit, it is to read Al-Rai News paper everyday, and check the death section. I read it online of course, but for some reason I don’t want to be completely left out while being here. I want to stay close (Mobilecom mosh fastlink)